It’s never too late nor too early to listen to good music.

00:00 am. Midnight provides you the best time to actually think and listen. Thinking about people around you, thinking about your life, reflect on to your actions and attitudes. Forgive me if I talk nonsense and making you confused, because it’s midnight. It’s the time when your body is too tired but you have a lot of unspoken thoughts, and voila! You decided to write it before it’s too late. I don’t expect to stay awake at this time, but my body love this late night ambient. No voice pollution, just silence. Silent is gold, they said. Well, I disagree. Silent is more precious than gold. Maybe gold have prices, but silent? it’s too precious to have prices. Music and silent have a powerful combination when it become one. When good music and silent become one? priceless. I love music. I really am. Music is the only thing I use to disappear. Disappear from reality and get back to my dreams. I’d like to share my secret weapon, my late late jams to get back to dreams. I hope you’ll enjoy my late night session jams:)

  • Shura – Just Once. Actually I just discovered Shura a few days ago and I instantly loved her! Just Once is her first song that I listened too and the perfect tunes and lyrics give me chills. The lyrics are very thoughtful. I love songs with good lyrics and this song is one of them. “If you get my name wrong I won’t get pissed off cause I wish I was somebody else” – I feel like she’s talking about me. You should check her other songs too! 2shy and shy are also my favourites 
  • H.E.R – Losing.  H.E.R is another artist that I discovered a few days ago, and I should’ve discovered her earlier. This song is my kind of midnight jams. The tunes of it is perfect for that midnight silence. H.E.R voice is also giving me chills.

Hasil gambar untuk h.e.r losing

  • 11:11 – You. I discovered this song a few months ago and I instantly love this song. The beats on this song is sooo good. It’s perfect for that chill cold night weather with a little twist of dance. I mean, I dance in my sleep while listen to this song (lol is that even possible?). His other songs are also perfect too!

Hasil gambar untuk 11:11 you

  • Kevin Garrett – Little Bit Of You. Kevin’s voice will serenade you too sleep. He’s a good musician. This song is also good to listen to in midnight. I can easily enjoy this song without thinking twice to like it. The guitar rhythm is also very easy listening. “And I don’t wanna know what it’s like to be the one who’s on your mind see a bit of you and me”.

Hasil gambar untuk kevin garrett little bit of you

  • Yuna ft Usher – Crush. I’ve loved this perfect collaboration since last year and it’s still one of my favorite jam. Yuna’s voice is soo smooth and calmly, Usher’s voice is also good too. It’s also my midnight dance jam.

Hasil gambar untuk yuna crush

So, those are some of my favorite late late jams. I hope you can also enjoy those songs as much as I do. I may going to share another good midnight songs. Have a good day!


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