I have a lot of unspoken thoughts and arguments that actually needed to be express, but i don’t have the courage to tell it. My insecurities are something that stop me to speak my mind. Even though sometimes I managed to express it but still there are a lot of unspoken words that stuck in my mind and starting to make me ‘crazy’. This is not my first ever blog. I started to join this blogging community couple years ago, but i never really into it. There are reasons that stop me for blogging. First, I don’t really know how to blog tbh. I don’t know how to attract others to come to my blog and write something interesting. Because I’m not an interesting person. My words are confusing, I’m not attractive, I’m not good enough, my grammars are bad, I don’t know what to write, and I don’t know how to keep up with the community and started to interact with others.  And the list of my bad side goes on. With my previous blog, I use my real name. I use my real identity. I’m not an anonymous. Then, I decided to make another blog without my real identity. I chose “Luna” as the alias of myself. I figured out with my insecurities, how I hate crowd, how I enjoy being alone, how I still have troubles to communicate with people, that I’m actually an introvert. So, I create this blog. Luna the Introvert.

PS: Sorry to everyone whose name are Luna, I don’t intended to offense any of you. I know some of you Lunas are not introvert xoxo

Being an introvert is not bad thing, it’s actually a good thing. I’m proud to be an introvert 🙂


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